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A useless machine?

During our trip back from Kediri to Bandung, my colleagues and I took the time to visit a beach near Ayah, Jawa Tengah. There, at first I was reluctant to play around and get my hands dirty, because I really had not prepared to go to a beach. But then I decided to go anyway. I made a structure from sands for one purpose: to contain water that later was used to wash away the grains of sand that sticked to my hands. Now this is where it gets interesting. This “machine” was made to wash my hands, but if I did not make this machine, my hands would not be dirty, therefore there would not be a need to wash my hands, i.e. there would be no need to build the machine. That’s why I call this thing “a machine which only purpose was to solve the problem created by the machine itself.” I was pretty sure some philosopher has ever thought about something like this, so it might already have a shorter, fancier name than what I mentioned, but I have not found anything about it during my “research” (read: search around with and Baca lebih lanjut


Pathetic generation.
Weak generation.
Rotten generation.
Dirty generation.
Hypocrite generation.
Fake. Pretenders.
Uncaring generation.
Profit-oriented generation. Money, money, money.
Empty, hollow generation.
Mindless generation. An insult to my intelligence.
Fragile. Unstable generation.
Self-proclaimed free generation. Free to be slaves, for sure.
Blind generation.
Exaggerating generation.
Apathetic generation.
Obsessed generation.
Selfish generation. No. Self-worshiping generation.
An antisocial generation.
Sadly enough, MY generation.
YOUR generation.
OUR generation.
UR generation.
R generation.
See? Even I made joke about it.
So, what do you want?
Me, I want to change.
Myself, my generation, my world.
But ironically, even by saying that I was being hypocrite myself.
Poor, how humans can’t accept their weakness.
Don’t want to accept their weakness.
DON’T want to accept their weakness.
So, what are you going to do?
Me, I don’t know.
Don’t know.