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From googol to Googleplex to babel fish to forty-two

Pretty weird title, huh? Except of course if you have listened to/read/watched The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (H2G2 for short) by Douglas Adams.

Google, the former search engine giant (now just “the giant”), claims that the name is a misspelling of googol, which is 10^100; and their campus Googleplex from googolplex, which is ten to the power of a googol, or 10^10^100. Both original terms, googol and googolplex were first coined in 1938 by a 9-year-old kid. (If you’re not sure about this fact or any other facts presented in this blog post, you can Just Google It.) Google was founded in 1998, but the usage of the word googleplex with that spelling (instead of googolplex) appeared in 1979 — way before Google was founded — as the name of a supercomputer, Googleplex Star Thinker, a minor character in H2G2. Considering Google was founded by Standard Nerds who quite likely has ever read the H2G2 trilogy (there are 6 books total), this is clearly a coincidence. Baca lebih lanjut