The Sentient

Disclaimer: this is a science fiction and has nothing to do with my faith.

60 million years ago. There were two continents on this planet. Roughly at the same time, fishes began to grow legs and climbed up to the lands. Being separated by vast oceans, creatures in each continent evolved in different ways so that the continents were populated by different sentient species.

The first, smaller continent was covered with rocks and ivies. The temperature changed significantly during days and nights. It was populated by a sentient species evolved from a lizard species. They were large and carnivorous. They worshipped a higher being called the Dac, often depicted as a lizard with two legs and four arms. They lived in caves, unable to build complicated building structures.

The other continent was more fertile, inhabited by a sentient primate species. It had more variations of plants and mammals than the first continent. The herbivorous sentient were smaller than the lizards of the first continents. The primates worshipped a higher being called Dic, often depicted as a primate wearing white robes and carrying a huge staff.

Millions of years passed, the tectonic movements of the planet had caused the two continents to merge. The two sentient species became aware of the existence of another sentient species in the planet. They both agreed that there can only be one sentient species in the planet, and were preparing for a great war.

My name was Gorrh, the leader of the primates. We were ready for the battle. We were smaller and weaker than the lizards, but definitely smarter. We were able to make weapons and armors from metals, while the lizards only fought using sticks and stones and wearing skin robes. In a battle of lizards’ strength versus primates’ intelligence, I was sure that we would win. Besides, there were only about a million of them against two millions of us. With or without a help from the Dic, we would definitely win.

The battle started. It was quick. It was terrible. The lizards were too powerful. They ripped my army. They even ate the primates alive in the battlefield. No! It was nightmare! How could they overpower my army?

Just then, I saw him. The leader of the lizards, right in front of me, not aware of my existence. This is my only chance. The lizards rely too much on their leader. If their leader’s gone, the rest would bow down before me. I prepared myself. I prepared my sword. I ran toward him, as fast as I can. Fifteen feet, ten feet, closer… Now! I jumped, thrusting my sword, aiming at the lizard’s heart. No! The lizard moved! He was too quick; he was able to dodge my attack. I landed right before the lizard’s eyes. Sword! Where’s my sword? Too late! The lizard hit my head using his stone hammer. I felt dizzy, my vision was blurry. Where was the lizard? I could not see him! I felt terrible pain on my legs when I realized: he was eating me! Help! Anybody! No! I began to lost consciousness… My vision became darker and darker. Then everything was black. That was the end of my species.


My name was Dic. Or at least that was my nickname. And I lost! I lost the game I played against my twin brother, Dac.

“It was uneven!” I demanded. “Your species was much stronger than mine!”

“But yours was much smarter.” Dac answered calmly. “Nevertheless, it will never be even if we’re talking about war between two different species. There is a planet with only one sentient species, and they are constantly at war. But we cannot play with it.”

“What planet? Why can’t we play?” I asked.

“The sentient species called themselves human, and the planet Earth. We can’t play with it, because our brother God is already playing with it.”

“Uh, God and his multiple personality complex. He always presents himself as a different being to different species.”

“That’s exactly what he is doing with different tribes of human.”



8 thoughts on “The Sentient

    1. rsatrioadi Penulis Tulisan

      gw memang penggemar SPORE tapi pas bikin ini sama sekali ga terpikir SPORE tuh. gw malah baru nyadar ada kemiripan dengan SPORE. hehehe..

  1. Isa

    Humans interpret one god in different ways, and fight over it.
    But god is one :)

    bikin yang lebih panjang lagi sat :)


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